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Ways to get the latest versions of the AOL® Software

Download AOL®

You will receive the best and most recent version of AOL® that your computer supports.

Check your computer for AOL®

You may already have a version of AOL installed on your computer. If you'd like us to check for you, please click "Check Your Computer". You'll be able to start your free trial and, if you wish, upgrade to a more recent version once you've logged onto the service.

check your computer

Register for AOL®

This option lets you sign up for AOL via the web. You will create your screen name and provide us your information through a few simple web pages. Upon completion, you'll be able to download the AOL software. A CD-ROM will also automatically be sent to the address you provide.

register online

If you have:
Broadband - Cable/DSL
56k modem
28.8k modem

It usually takes:
Less than 5 minutes
About 1 hour
About 3 hours
5 - 6 hours - download while you sleep

System information and install instructions